Journaling Revolution by Laura Novak
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Journaling Revolution

A journaling journey to your self! Share my favorite self-care practice over 21 days of prompts, fun, insider insights, and adventure.
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What's included?

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Welcome to the Challenge!
Journaling Revolution Welcome Video.mp4
8 mins
Journaling Revolution How to Choose a Journal.mp4
4 mins
Day 1 - Setting an Intention
Setting an Intention
Day 2 - Routines that Nourish
Routines that Nourish
Day 3 - Dreaming Your World to Life
Dreaming Your World to Life
Bringing Dreams to Reality by Laura J Novak.mp3
18 mins
Day 4 - Inviting Love
Inviting Love
Day 5 - Freedom to Forgive
Freedom to Forgive
Day 6 - Creative Uprising
Creative Uprising
Day 7 - Moving Through Resistance
Moving Through Resistance
Day 8 - Enticing Adventure
Enticing Adventure
Day 9 - Relentless Self Care
Relentless Self Care
Day 10 - Believing in Your Bravery
Believing in Your Bravery
Day 11 - Shining Your Superpowers
Shining Your Superpowers!
Day 12 - Honestly Feeling It Out
Honestly Feeling It Out
Day 13 - Illuminating the Upside of Jealousy
Illuminating the Upside of Jealousy
Day 14 - Witnessing the Transformation
Witnessing the Transformation
Day 15 - Rising to the Challenge
Rising to the Challenge
Day 16 - Sparking Passion with Anger
Sparking Passion with Anger
Day 17 - Saving the World
Saving the World
Day 18 - Building a Practice
Building a Practice
Day 19 - Loving, Respectful You-Shaped Space
Loving, Respectful, You-Shaped Space
Day 20 - Accepting and Integrating
Accepting and Integrating
Day 21 - The Beginning
The Beginning