Light Your Chakras E-course by Laura Novak

Light Your Chakras E-course

You are a beautiful enigma. 

But what if you had a map to the most incredible treasure imaginable: Your glorious, nuanced, shining self?

What's included?

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Introduction to the Chakras
Congratulations on Starting the Journey!
0 Light Your Chakras Introduction.pdf
3.73 MB
Grounding Meditation LauraJNovak.mp3
13 mins
1. Root (First) Chakra
Welcome to your First Chakra, the Root.
1 First Chakra .pdf
7.29 MB
Root Chakra Light Your Chakras First.mp3
17 mins
Root Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
9.11 MB
Permission Slips_Light Your Chakras.pdf
85.7 KB
2. Sacral (Second) Chakra
Welcome to your Second Chakra
2 Second Chakra.pdf
7 MB
Sacral Light Your Chakras.mp3
22 mins
Sacral Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
5.73 MB
3. Solar Plexus (Third) Chakra
Welcome to the Third Chakra!
Solar Plexus Light Your Chakras Third.mp3
12 mins
Solar Plexus Coloring Pages.pdf
4.61 MB
4. The Heart (Fourth) Chakra
Welcome to Your Shining Heart
Heart Light Your Chakras Fourth.mp3
13 mins
Heart Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
4.78 MB
5. Throat (Fifth) Chakra
Only You Can Bring It.
Throat Light Your Chakras.mp3
12 mins
Throat Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
4.53 MB
6. Third Eye (Sixth) Chakra
Step into your deep wisdom.
Third Eye Light Your Chakras.mp3
17 mins
Third Eye Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
12.1 MB
7. The Crown (Seventh) Chakra
Connecting with the Crown (and All That Is.)
Crown Chakra 101.mp3
8 mins
Crown Chakra Coloring Pages.pdf
2.5 MB